Modder KawaiiStacie makes Sims 4 in Zodiac Wander: New Paper Of ACNL

Recently, the Sims community was overrun with the Sims turning their attention to a new game: Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The popular Nintendo Switch title is a sandbox life simulation and as such is a big attraction for Sims fans. However, the switch is so expensive and lacks the display, not everyone who wants to play can afford it. Now, KawaiiStacie, known as The Sims modder, best known for its Slice of Life and Explore modder, is preparing to be rescued with The Sims 4 Animal Crossing mod.

Animal Crossing is a personalized mission related to a challenge written by Stacie. Basic requires basic play and an outdoor retreat. The need for an outdoor retreat is to give players access to tents and insect collecting, both of which are a big part of the Animal Crossing experience.

You have to move on empty items to start the challenge. For a more realistic island experience, Island Living allows players to move to the empty island area of ​​Mua Pel’Am in Sulan.

Players starting the game need a tent, grill, picnic table, stereo, brush toilet, outdoor shower, mailbox and woodworking table. These things meet Sims ’basic needs and simulate their early lives in a tent with a headlight and a radio acnl guide case to begin with the New Leaf.

The ambition consists of four parts and focuses on the tasks you have to perform at Animal Crossing. The first level is based on a basic starting area, friendly and self-sufficient for some residents. You also have to pay Tom Nook to get started with the basics. It then moves on to tasks that focus on fault, fishing, crafts, and socialization. You need to start collecting things for a later museum.

If you look closely, the two players are well put together. Animal Crossing is about socialization, collecting bugs, crafts, hunting and building construction. These are all quests you can repeat in The Sims 4. If you choose a large group, you can also build a small village with the chamber system to move in other Sims games, such as creating your own home and museum.

In a few summers, Animal Crossing Designs has already performed the best. The title of the article is from Sims 4 Creations Village and the image above is from SatiSim Village. There’s a lot of inspiration, and this mod is a great start for anyone looking to have an Animal Crossing experience in The Sims 4.

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